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El Elemento Fuego

The fire element in Qui Gong, is one of five elements that correspond to the seasons including an extra late summer season. Each season has many layers of meaning and involve the interplay of Yin and Yang over the course of a years time. During summer, we are in the fire element. It is the most direct, action oriented, and Yang infused time of the year.

This big band piece hopefully reflects the fire element nature, active and joyful but not too manic.

A word about the process. I have spoken before about the difficulties in transferring the notation file to a Wav file so that it can be uploaded. The Wav file has built in limits to the overall dynamic range of the music. I frequently run into the music being too loud in spots and producing a distortion that sounds like clicks in the Wav file. Although I tried to mediate the loud spots, I discovered that I can bring the level of the whole piece down a bit. This worked but please know that you will have to crank up the volume on you device. Enjoy!

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