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We exist in a world of loss. We know this to be true if one observes that each of us are continually moving through the emotional stages of grief. Constantly. We experience denial of our reality, bargaining a different reality, anger at the current reality and at its insistence on being our reality, sadness and depression related to our powerlessness in changing reality, and finally, acceptance of our reality. ( Our reality will change perpetually, unceasingly; and so we will experience loss and grief.

Music represents an excellent example of change. Whether recorded or live, the experience of music exists only in the moment of hearing a sound then it's gone immediately replaced by the next sound. One more easily moves directly to acceptance of reality when listening to music. We accept that musical sounds last only a moment. If we really are just listening, we are experiencing a sequence of moments that magically become one extended moment.

The composition of music uses moments as building blocks, each a separate sound, to give the illusion of continuity of experience. Continuity through, sometimes beautiful, long sustained notes of a melody, or repetitive rhythmic patterns, etc. Many examples out there, for beautiful, gut wrenching sustained melodies, I love Mozart's Requiem ( Those masterfully built bits of sound create emotion in the listener. The emotion becomes of wave of sadness or exuberance or mild interest that then becomes our memory of those sounds as a continuous experience. I guess this post is what you get from a therapist who creates music and reads about the Buddhist concept of impermanence.


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