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The marching ants

The Neelay,s Encina Ants is the third in the series of pieces related to the book, The Overstory. Encina is a type of Oak - Holm's Oak. The story tells of a young boy, fascinated by ants, who conducts an experimental observation of ants by painting dots on various ant types and recording their movements. I imagined a young boy down on all fours, face level with the grass, watching the comings and goings of ants, for hours.

Thanks for your company as I journey into the world of comtemporary classical music. I'm learning as I go. The orchestra is an incredible palette with a somewhat overwhelming array of choices. I'm learning when bare bones sounds best, when I've made things too messy and complicated, and when to end a piece. Of course I'm at the beginning of a long and steep learning curve so your patience is appreciated.

Stay safe in these infectious times.


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